Malu Sunglass Lenses Care

Caring for your sunglasses properly can extend the life of your frame.

Q: What should I use when cleaning my lenses? 

A: Sunglass Lenses

  • We do not recommend using any lens or chemical cleaners as they can have an effect on the lens tint or the ionization coating. Damage caused by this is not covered by our warranty program.
  • Mild soap and water are fine to clean your lenses. You can also use the provided cloth bag or a similar type fabric that will not scratch the lens. Gently dab or wipe when cleaning the lens. Try to avoid using a scrubbing motion.
  • Sunscreens and other lotions can also damage the paint and coating on the frame.
  • Avoid submerging frames under saltwater since certain frames and coatings will corrode over time.
  • DO NOT place your sunglasses on the dashboard of your car. The extreme heat can distort the shape of your sunglasses.
  • When not wearing your glasses, never rest them face down on their lenses.
  • Always keep them in their protective microfiber case or hard case. These will ensure that they will be in good shape the next time you reach for them.